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Guest Semester Program FAQs

As so many universities did for Tulane students after Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University will be opening its doors to college students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who are unable to continue at their institution due to Hurricane Maria. Students accepted into the Guest Semester Program will spend the spring 2018 semester, tuition-free, at Tulane University. We are working out many of the details of the program, but here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

1) How do I apply to the Guest Semester Program at Tulane?

Complete the brief application

You will need a copy of your transcript and a list of the most recent college classes in which you enrolled. The deadline to apply is November 1, and you will receive a decision by November 15. If you are admitted, you have until January 10 to accept your spot in the program.

2) Is it really tuition-free?

Tulane is dedicated to supporting the recovery of Puerto Rican universities. Students accepted into the Guest Semester Program will not pay any tuition to Tulane, but they would be expected to pay their normal tuition to their Puerto Rican university. If your current university is not able to accept payment or not reopening, please indicate that in the “more information” section of the application.

3) What are the admission requirements?

While we do not publish specific admission requirements, Tulane will screen each application to ensure that the student will be academically successful at Tulane in their intended major and that adequate classes are available. Due to limited space and housing available, not all applicants who apply will be offered admission. 

4) Does Tulane offer this program for graduate programs?

The Tulane Guest Semester Program is for undergraduate students. Please reach out individually to the dean of the graduate program in which you’re interested.

5) What if I can’t get my transcript from my school right now?

Submit whatever you can. We’ll accept screenshots or even a photograph of a transcript.

6) I’m a college freshman, so I don’t have a college transcript or a list of college classes. What do I do?

Submit your high school transcript and either a list of the classes you intended to take this semester, or a list of classes you would be interested in taking. We want to make sure we can offer you the classes you need to start working toward your degree.

7) Will the classes I take at Tulane transfer for credit to my current university?

We are working with the University of Puerto Rico to make sure classes will transfer. If you attend another university, it will be up to that institution to decide what Tulane classes they will accept for credit. We highly recommend that you look at our list of majors and available classes to make sure we can offer you classes that align with your degree requirements.

8) If I don’t attend UPR, how do I let Tulane know that I have been approved to participate in the Guest Semester Program by my university?

Have your school’s Provost or administration contact Rebecca Greaves at She will be coordinating the approval process for students outside of UPR.

9) Is this program only for U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico and the USVI?

We are not limiting the program based on citizenship, however students with citizenship outside of the United States will need to work with us to ensure completion of a timely visa process.

10) Am I limited in the classes I can take at Tulane?

If you participate in the Guest Semester Program, you will be a Tulane student for that semester and will have access to the full range of classes. You will also be assigned an academic advisor, who will help you with course selection.

11) Where will I live as a Tulane student?

We are working on securing housing for our guest students and do not expect students to pay for it.

12) Will I have a meal plan?

Tulane will cover a basic meal plan. Students will need to pay for a higher-level meal plan if desired.

14) What incidental expenses are affiliated with this program?

Students should be prepared to finance some amount of food and transportation in the city of New Orleans, as well as their flights to and from New Orleans. Many of our students have on- or off-campus jobs to help finance their time as a Tulane student.