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Alumni Interview Program

Tulane University offers select Early Decision and Early Action applicants an invitation for an alumni interview.

The Alumni Interview Program for the fall of 2017 has reached capacity. The lack of an alumni interview will not negatively impact your chance of admission to Tulane University.

Alumni interviews serve as an opportunity for an applicant to learn about a successful alumni member’s Tulane experience and think about what theirs could look like. In a friendly, low-stress environment, an applicant can show an alumni interviewer who they are and what they care about, thus adding depth to their applications. Following the interview, the alumni member will complete an evaluative report that will be supplemental to the application package.

While we think this is a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about Tulane from the perspective of a successful alumni member, not all applicants will receive an invitation to participate. Alumni interviews are not a required part of the application process. As such, they will be considered supplemental and completely optional. Not receiving an invitation for an alumni interview or choosing not to participate in one will not impact the admission decision. 


To be considered for the Alumni Interview Program, an applicant must first submit their application. If invited to participate in an alumni interview, the applicant will receive an email encouraging them to register for the program. At this point, a change will be made in their application status portal, listing a new item under their Application Checklist, titled “Alumni Interview Request Form.” This is a brief form that must be completed within one week in order to be matched with a local alumni interviewer. From here, we will match students with an alumni member, who will then reach out to the student to plan the interview. Interviews should be scheduled and conducted within two weeks of the match.


Q: Does Tulane require alumni interviews?

No! Alumni interviews are supplemental and optional. We want to learn more about select applicants to better understand what they want from their Tulane experience.

Q: How do I request an alumni interview?

Trick question: you don’t! After submitting the application, we will email selected students with an invitation to interview.

Q: What if I don’t get an invitation to interview?

No worries! At Tulane, alumni interviews are supplemental, optional, and intended to be enjoyable. This means that they can add depth and personality to your application. Since they are not required, not all applicants are guaranteed an alumni interview. Applicants that either do not receive an invitation or do not want to participate are not adversely affected in the admission process.

Q: What should I do if I don’t hear from an alumni member?

It may take us a couple of weeks to get you matched with an appropriate alumni member, so give it some time. If it has been more than three weeks, reach out to the Alumni Interview Coordinator, Corinne Watson, at

Q: How do I prepare for my interview?

We want this to be enjoyable for you and the alumni members, so think of it more as a conversation than an interview. That being said, spend some time thinking about what you want to do in college and beyond, and how you believe Tulane can help you meet those goals. When interviewing, it never hurts to do your research!

Q: Can I be matched with an alumni member in my field of interest?

We match applicants with alumni members based on geographic proximity, when possible. Skype and phone interviews may be necessary without a large population of applicants or alumni. It is possible that the alumni member interviewing you may have similar interests, but we do not guarantee such precision. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to learn from the experience of someone totally different from you. It’s all part of growing up!

Q: I’m an international student, can I get an alumni interview?

Yes! International applicants will be offered an invitation to an alumni interview based on geographic proximity and availability of alumni. After submitting the application, we will email selected students with an invitation to interview.

Q: The deadlines to apply have passed, can I still get invited to an alumni interview?

Yes! As long as your application was submitted before the deadline, it is still possible to receive an invitation to participate. You can expect the same timeline outlined above.

Any issues can be discussed with the Alumni Interview Coordinator. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone and want to know how we can be better. Please let Corinne Watson know at